helping children absorb and retain educational material

helping children absorb and retain educational material

3 Distance Learning Resources For Teachers

by Reginald Long

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way of life and affected all institutions. The education sector hasn't been spared, and teachers, students, and all stakeholders are adapting to the new changes. There are new challenges, and even though the new administration has ambitious plans on resumption of schools, distance learning has become the new norm. Therefore, distance learning resources for teachers are essential tools in these uncertain times.

Here are three distance learning resources for teachers. 


Online learning has been going on for some time, and students are interacting with their teachers through various platforms. Therefore, every teacher must have a laptop to facilitate this process. A computer resource enables schools to plan lessons with the parents and the pupils. With a functional system in place, kids only need to log into the platform, and a tutor will control the program. Students can participate like normal physical classrooms, answer questions, and do assignments. The advantage of such a program is that the teacher can conduct classes remotely at any location. Schools can provide Wi-Fi facilities and laptops for the teachers to facilitate online classes. 

Physical Materials 

Since the classes are digital or remote, they can be boring and repetitive. Therefore, there is a need for physical materials to engage a child's creativity. A child needs physical activities in order to stay engaged. Therefore, a teacher can incorporate a whiteboard into their lessons to create an impression of a real class. Additionally, pupils can have art supplies to color or make sketches during a lesson. A teacher may also require printing materials, a scanner, a printer, and paper. Schools must provide enough of these materials to prevent the disruption of distance learning. 

Basic Supplies 

A teacher may have classes running from morning to late afternoon, and in between, there are breaks. Student distance learning is unlike physical learning, where they may get food supplies during breaks. Some underprivileged students may still need food or snacks during the transition period. Likewise, students are in dire need of papers, staples, writing materials, and books. Schools need to reach out to these students and play a big role in this facilitation by providing the basic supplies. Teachers can help in identifying the target group to fill the gaps.

Students in distance learning programs must continue schooling even under the prevailing circumstances occasioned by the pandemic. Distance learning resources for teachers are vital to prevent an abrupt disruption of schooling.


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helping children absorb and retain educational material

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