helping children absorb and retain educational material

helping children absorb and retain educational material

3 Benefits Of Attending Private School

by Reginald Long

Determining what kind of environment is best to educate your child can be a hard choice. Parents must make a lot of difficult decisions, which is why it is best if parents do what they can to educate themselves about the different options available, so they can make the best decision. Private schools, specifically an all girls catholic school, would be a great option for many children. Here are some benefits to attending an all girls catholic school.

1. Religion and Academics

One of the main reasons that parents choose a religious school is that the child can get both stellar academics and great religious education. At a public school, your child can't even talk about their faith and beliefs, but in a private school, the children pray in class, recite scriptures, and can even have full classes set aside for doctrinal instruction and discussion. This means that your child is getting the benefit of good values and stronger faith taught, while at school every day. This environment can help bring them closer to God, stronger in the faith, and create a bond with other students who share the same values and beliefs as them.

2. Traditional Rules

Another reason that parents enjoy sending their children to a private catholic school is that the rules at the school are more traditional. The public schooling system is becoming more and more liberal. If you are hoping that your child will be taught traditional values and expected to follow traditional rules, then private school is a better option. You can have confidence knowing that your child will be educated in a way that encourages respect for their elders, there will be no discussion of topics you don't agree with in the classrooms, and so much more.

3. Parents Have More Say

Lastly, one of the best things about private school is that the parents can have a lot more involvement and say in what happens at the school. In public school, you are slave to the state. The state chooses the curriculum; they choose the teachers; and the parents don't have a lot of say. Because you are paying for the teachers' salaries in private school, the parents can have more say about what is taught, who teaches, and what happens at the school. This is a major benefit to many.

As you can see, there are many benefits of attending private school. 


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helping children absorb and retain educational material

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