helping children absorb and retain educational material

helping children absorb and retain educational material

Tips For Preparing Your Child For Boarding School

by Reginald Long

Boarding school is a great place for children to focus on learning, make friends, and generally prepare for college. However, you might worry about sending your child away for so long and whether or not they will be able to handle it. Here are some tips for getting your child ready for boarding school.

1. Involve Your Child in the Decision Making Process as Much as Possible

The first thing that you want to make sure that you do is involve your child in the decision making process as much as possible so that they feel as though going to boarding school was something that they had some control over. Encourage your child to do some of their own research on some boarding schools and choose one or two that they would like to visit. Make sure that the schools that they pick are ones that you would actually consider. If they are, take your child to visit them. By taking your child's concerns seriously, you will be able to reduce resistance to the boarding school and increase the chances that the transition will be relatively smooth.

2. Help Develop Good Study Habits

Your child is going to be in a supervised environment when they are at boarding school, but it is not going to be as supervised as the one-on-one attention that you can give your child while they are living at home. As soon as you start thinking about sending your child to boarding school, focus on improving their study habits. Make a study space just for your child and create a policy that bans all unnecessary electronics while homework is being done. Show your child different study methods such as making flash cards, creating pneumonic devices, and going over practice problems. This will help your child be successful in boarding school.

3. Find Out What's in Style

Finally, find out what's in style or what is popular at the boarding school and make sure that your child has some of those items. It is important that your child feels that they are able to fit in when they first get there because it will make the transition easier. If they already have some of the cool accessories, games, or clothing, they will feel like they are part of the group.

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helping children absorb and retain educational material

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